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Cleaning Crystals

To play it safe we recommend the following:
Physically cleaning: To remove dust from a crystal we often use a camera lens blower on delicate unwashable crystals. For washable crystals simply rinse in room temperature water & allow to dry naturally. Do Not use detergents or chemicals to clean your crystals. To avoid damage look into your crystals specific handling requirements, many can not be exposed to water.

Energetic cleaning: Smudging with sage or Bay leaves. Vibrational resonance such as singing bowls, mantra chanting & frequency music. The full moon (more of a charging than a cleansing energy) or simply placing them on the Earth to ground/reset. Other crystals such as Carnelian, Selenite, Kyanite & Citrine will cleanse the energy of themselves & surrounding crystals.

Physically cleaning your crystals can be a little tricky. With so many variations of chemical constituents it is best to use caution as some crystals can be badly affected by water especially salt water. Selenite for example will dissolve if left in water. Others like Angelite/Anhydrite will start to morph into other crystals, in this case Gypsum.

Some crystals contain toxic compounds which are bioactive & released by water, Malachite & Calcanthite are both bioactive copper minerals. This means they are potentially dangerous & need to be handled with care, best to not wet them. Minerals like Opal & Orpiment are hydrous, they need to retain a certain amount of water to maintain mineral structure. Orpiment contains Arsenic which is released in dust/powder form when the mineral dries out (Keep in a zip lock bag or airtight container to manage risk of exposure). 

There are many many other crystals which have special needs the above is just a short example.

Crystal jewellery must be handled with care and never exposed to water for prologned periods of time, especially salt water, DO NOT wear crystal jewellery in the shower or swim with it & do not expose jewellery to chemicals. Click here for more on How To Care For Jewellery