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Jewellery Care & Cleaning

Love me, for I am a unique piece of divine beauty & crystal elegance.
Love me, for I am both precious & irreplaceable.
Love me & your care will keep you adorned in my crystalline perfection for a lifetime.


Each piece in our range of Australian Designer Gemstone & Crystal jewellery is truly precious. Our extensive collection showcases the unique timeless excellence of ancient crystals & spectacular gemstones. Our jewellery is crafted from the finest quality hypoallergenic precious metals of 18 karat Gold & 925 Sterling Silver.

All jewellery must be considered delicate, as all gemstones & metals can be damaged they require appropriate care & use. The following advice refers to all types of jewellery.

Stones are often unique & can be very difficult to replace if they are lost or damaged. Take care to protect your jewellery from any impact & avoid contact with abrasive surfaces.

As jewellery can scratch other jewellery & wear away at precious metals we recommend not stacking pieces that would be vulnerable to such abrasion, both in use & in storage. Gold electroplating is particularly susceptible to wear/contact damage.

Dust, pollution or daily wear all affect the brilliance of Stones & dull the surface of precious metals such as Gold, Platinum & Silver. Any jewellery made of Gold, Platinum & Silver is relatively soft & can be easily damaged, deformed or scratched. 

Take care not to bend, drop, snag, knock/bump or crush the jewellery as this can result in irreparable damage. 

Please do not allow jewellery to remain wet or be continually immersed in water. All pieces must be removed when showering, bathing, swimming, washing dishes, etc.

Do not under any circumstances expose jewellery to chemicals of any type including oils, household cleaning products, perfumes, cosmetics & lotions. Exposure could harm the jewellery, causing irreversible damage to the Stone & setting.

Do not wear your jewellery when participating in any activity that may cause damage i.e exercising, gardening, heavy lifting etc.

Do not subject jewellery to extreme temperatures, ultrasonic ionic cleaning or any device which oscillates as it may shake the Stones loose & can cause internal damage to Stones.

After each wear we recommend immediately cleaning your jewellery with our specialised silver polishing cloth. This removes any sweat/ acids from skin & puts a protective layer over your jewellery. If you don’t have a polishing cloth a microfiber cloth will suffice. 

Some gemstones require special care, this is a short non exhaustive list there are many more.

Opals – Do not expose any type of Opals to any chemicals. Doublets & triplets should absolutely not be exposed to water. Hydrophane Opals can change colour when exposed to water, the potential colour change is unpredictable & sometimes permanent.

Amber & Pearls – Due to their softness & composition both Amber & Pearls can easily be damaged. Never allow contact with perfumes or creams. Avoid any scratching / abrasive action, store in a way that ensures no contact with other items. ALWAYS wipe clean after each wear.   

Turquoise – It is estimated that currently 98% of Turquoise fashioned into jewellery has been stabilised. This process has become a standard & accepted practice in industry. Upon exposure to air Turquoise starts to oxidize this causes a colour change process that can result in a vivid blue gem becoming green over time. The stabilisation process halts the oxidization process & preserves the gems original colour. The stabilisation process also makes Turquoise less fussy to clean & care for. Even so, it is still best to never allow contact with perfumes or creams. Avoid any scratching / abrasive action, store in a way that ensures no contact with other items. ALWAYS wipe clean after each wear.        

*For further information on care & cleaning of specific Crystal, Mineral, Rock, Fossil, Tektite & Meteorite jewellery Contact us or see us in store.

* the term "Stone or Stones" refers to gemstones, crystals, minerals, rocks, fossils, tektites or  meteorites. 

* the term "Crystal Jewellery or jewellery" refers to jewellery made of gemstones, crystals, minerals, rocks, fossils, metals, tektites or meteorites.